2 TOM is one of the Dutch leading manufacturers of meat netting, tying and stringing equipment for the meat and agro-industry. We can offer a wide range of products known in 15 countries in Europe, the USA and Canada. Thanks to a practical knowledge of meat processing technologies, we have developed industry- specific meat netting and tying equipment. All comply to the standards of hygiene and quality of the production. With TOM string and meat netting equipment, you get the best possible economic results. We also are producer and seller of string and twine for the food and flower-industry. We sell non elastic butcher twine in 10 different colours. Available in 250 gram or 500 gram roll. We sell non elastic machine twine for all types of tying and stringing machines. We have standard conical bobbins and also big jumbo bobbins And we produce a whole range of elastic string for tying and bunching machines . All our string and elastic yarns are food graded approved. These are our web sites: www.tye-o-matic.com www.tomstringnet.com www.tomnet.nl www.flowertwine.com Why T-O-M products? • Fast delivery • For a decent price • Best product quality Still not convinced: order one roll to test the quality! Our roast twine and nets are of very high quality and are produced in Europe. Composition: Polyester and natural rubber with a food grade certificate. Of course all our twines and nets have migration testing certificates. TOM THERE IS NO BETTER