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Meat stringing machine
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TGM 350
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TOM Ham net
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TOM Stringnet
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TG 400 Single meat stuffer
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Net Jet

The meat tying machines string tying machines and bundling machines for professionals.

A short moment after looking at the TOM stringing machine, you will realise that this machine is built to do the job. Over several years, every comment and suggestion from people in the meat trade has been taken on board in order to develop a state of the art machine that is over engineered in order to cope in the hardest environments.There are many features that make a TOM special including the position of the knotting head which is at the side. This to prevent the blood & meat particles falling on the head. This keeps the knotting head clean, lubricated and working without fault far longer. To arrange your demonstration this machine really is worth a look.

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